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CIAM and Safran Aircraft Engines have signed the contract for carrying out works on preparation and tests performance of the engine for business-jet aircraft.

17 March 2017

CIAM and Safran Aircraft Engines have signed the contract for carrying out works on preparation and tests performance of the engine for business-jet aircraft.

Central Institute of Aviation Motors (a part of National Research Center “Institute named after  N.E.Zhukovsky”) and Safran Aircraft Engines (France) have signed a contract for carrying out in Russia engineering and certification tests of jet engine Silvercrest for business-jet aircraft, as well as for corresponding  calculation-analytical and experimental activities.

A cycle of bench tests at Moscow site and at CIAM Research Test Center located in Touraevo  is planned to be completed in 2018. It includes icing tests and cold start of the engine in altitude and climatic conditions, in simulated conditions of high-level aerodromes and also full simulation of flight conditions in altitude test chamber.

 “This cooperation will be a continuation of successful experience in tests for issuing a certificate for civil engine according to the European standard of the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)”, - noted Mikhail Gordin, CIAM General Director. He underlined that for the Central Institute of Aviation Motors these tests  mean not only the performance of serious volume of research and scientific work in one of the most hi-tech areas of industry, but also the new level of international cooperation and demonstration of the Institute’s competences as the leading scientific organization of Russian aero- engine manufacturing industry.

For tests execution preparation works will be carried out for adaptation of the bench equipment in terms of engine dimension (thrust in range of 5-7 tons) together with specialists from Safran Aircraft Engines. In particular, due to peculiarity of engine mounting for all types of forthcoming tests at CIAM it has been designed and will be manufactured a new type of adapter for lateral fastening of the engine. Due to universal design such adapter will be applied at all three test benches where it is planned to carry out engine tests.

Such technology of engine installation in altitude test benches is developed and applied at CIAM for the first time. During the preparation of the test article for tests non-traditional approaches are worked-out by CIAM specialists in close cooperation with Safran Aircraft Engines specialists, and the newest technologies and engineering decisions are applied.

For carrying out set of tests at C-1A test bench where the engine will be investigated on icing and cold start, in order to ensure the modes specified in test program, the flow watering system and air supply system will be modernized.

For engineering tests under complete simulation of flight conditions in altitude test chamber of C-4N bench  the air supply system to the engine will be considerably upgraded.

Significant preparatory activities for engine start tests in simulated altitude-climatic conditions of high-level aerodromes at U-10M bench are aimed for improvement of technological systems providing engine start, cooled fuel supply to the engine, as well as for improvement of data acquisition and processing systems for information obtained during tests execution.

 Silvercrest is a new-generation jet engine specifically designed and built by Safran Aircraft Engines for premium business jets in the super-midsize category. The Silvercrest engine has already been chosen by Dassault Aviation for the Falcon 5X aircraft.