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14 August 2018
On July 31 – August 2, the II International Conference on Aerospace System Science and Engineering 2018 (ICASSE 2018) was held in Moscow. It was organized by the Moscow Aviation Institute in cooperation with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.  

75 scientists and specialists from leading aerospace enterprises and universities from Russia, Canada, China and the United States of America took part in the event.
The Central Institute of the Aviation Motors was represented at ICASSE 2018 by the head of department Vladimir Makarov.

The first two days of the scientific and technical forum were devoted to reports on scientific research.

In the first part of his report, Vladimir Makarov presented to the participants the results of the Institute's long-term work on numerical evaluation of performance of power plants for subsonic civil and transport aircraft with fuel efficient high bypass ratio (HBR) turbofan placed on the pylon under the wing. CIAM's capabilities to use simulation tools for the calculation of aerodynamic characteristics of the power plant for aircraft of different dimensions and numerical support of HBR’s turbofan testing at a high-altitude test rig were also demonstrated. The second part of the report was devoted to the directions of development for computer and information technologies enabling the use of Digital Twins for turbofans in different lifecycle phases.

The ICASSE conference has been held in Shanghai, Moscow and Toronto since 2017 and coincides with the release of the Aerospace Systems magazine, published by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (publishing house “Springer”). The best reports held within ICASSE 2018 will be published in a separate issue of the magazine.