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CIAM at MAKS-2017. Day 2

20 July 2017

The CIAM continues its work at MAKS-2017. The second day at the airshow was characterized by a even more eventful business program and tight schedule.


In the framework of the MAKS events, a delegation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R.C. headed by the Vice Minister Xin Guobin visited the CIAM’s Research and Test Facility in Lytkarino, Moscow region. The largest in Europe experimental center for testing aircraft engines and their components under conditions close to actual operation was demonstrated to the Chinese guests.


One of the noticeable events of this exhibition day for the CIAM was signing a framework agreement of scientific and technical cooperation between the Institute and the Aero Engine Academy of China, AEAC, a subsidiary of the Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC). Director General of CIAM Mikhail Gordin, Vice-President of AECC Luo Ronghuai and Director General of AEAC, Deputy Head of the Science and Technics Committee AECC Liu Tingyi participated in the ceremony.


The Russian and Chinese parties recorded their understanding in the field of fundamental and applied researches and determined a mechanism of interaction. Technical discussion on a number of subjects which are of mutual interest for the parties was begun at the meeting.


On the same day, the business ground of the airshow became the venue for the meeting of the Director General of CIAM Mikhail Gordin and John Jastremski, the President and CEO of MDS Aero Support Corporation (Canada), a leading supplier of test facilities and test systems for aircraft gas-turbine engines. Viktor Dunin, the Vice-President of the Association of Aero-Engine Manufacturers, also took part in the negotiations.

“We are aimed at establishing mutually beneficial business contacts with attraction of foreign experience and technologies. Points of convergence found between the CIAM and the MDS Aero Support Corporation, undoubtedly, will promote the development of the potential of our enterprises,” Mikhail Gordin noted at the meeting.


Another significant event of the business day at the MAKS-2017 was signing by CIAM and the Russian innovative company SuperOx a framework agreement for cooperation in the field of development hybrid and electric propulsion units for prospective wholly electric-powered aircraft. Director General of CIAM Mikhail Gordin and Director General of CJSC SuperOx Sergey Samoylenkov put their signatures on the document.

Complex theoretical and experimental research for creation of a hybrid (electric) propulsion system have been carried out in the CIAM more than 10 years by now. Currently, the Institute is the lead executing institution of a scientific research work for creation of hybrid (electric) propulsion systems. The project coordinator is the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”. The Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute (SibNIA) and the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) participate in the project as well. CIAM is responsible for development of hybrid propulsion systems and formulation of requirements to all their components and, in conjunction with SibNIA and TsAGI, will develop general requirements to power plant and form the look of a wholly electric-powered aircraft. SibNIA together with CIAM are planning to create a flying laboratory and to carry out flight tests.

The research comprises creation and testing of both a hybrid propulsion system and its separate elements. An optimum solution to the problem of power increase at high specific characteristics of a “conventional” electric motor arising here and, as a consequence, significant heat generation, is application of electric components (motor, generator, bus etc.) using the effect of high-temperature superconductivity. The functions of development of such equipment will be entrusted to the SuperOx, one of the five world producers of high temperature superconducting tapes.

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