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CIAM attended the 52nd Paris Air Show

29 June 2017

A delegation of the P.I. Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM, part of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”), headed by Mikhail Gordin, Director General, attended the 52nd Paris Air Show which took place in Paris – Le Bourget (France) from 19 to 25 June 2017.

Le Bourget.JPG

CIAM Delegation at the Paris Air Show 2017

An important event not only for the Institute, but also for the whole industry, became the signing of a memorandum on cooperation between CIAM and the Office national d'études et de recherches aérospatiales (ONERA). By signing the memorandum, the parties prolonged their existing agreements on co-developing technologies that will enhance ecological properties and fuel efficiency of future aircraft engines. 


Mikhail Gordin, Director General of the CIAM, and Bruno Sainjon, President Directeur General of the ONERA, are signing the memorandum on cooperation.

"We are talking about technologies that may be used in advanced aircraft engines fifteen years later. We are not talking about currently operating engines, but about long-run developments," said Mikhail Gordin at the signing ceremony. "Today, we have prolonged the memorandum, which sets out the controlling mechanism for CIAM and ONERA scientific research, for another five years. What is meant here is that the parties will agree upon the subjects of scientific studies, perform them together and share results." 

The collaborative research is focused on studying possibilities to increase fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions. "This is the key issue Europe is concerned about. We have specific experience that may be helpful in this area, for example, on turbines, compressors and other propulsion components, as well as on mathematical modeling," Mikhail Gordin stressed. 

The Director General of the CIAM is sure that Russia will benefit from cooperation with its French colleagues, because this cooperation helps to be at the forefront of the global aviation science and to use the advanced foreign experience to improve competitiveness of the national production.

"Results differ: on certain points we are lagging behind, on others we have developments that no one else has, and that’s the main goal of cooperation. It is impossible to be the first in all the areas, so there should be mutual exchange, one should not limit oneself to self-development. If we don’t speak to Americans, French and Germans on such issues, we won’t be receiving information that may help to produce some types of Russian-made equipment," he said.

During the Paris Air Show, the Institute representatives got acquainted with global industry trends and held a series of meetings and negotiations with CIAM business partners – senior executives of foreign companies and corporations, such as SAFRAN Aircraft Engines (France), Airbus (France), AECC CAE (China) etc.

Agreements reached during the negotiations will enable the Institute to intensify cooperation with its existing partners and establish new scientific and commercial contacts.