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CIAM gives lectures at School No. 1517 within the framework of the "Engineering Class at Moscow School" Project

15 February 2018

The P. I. Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM, a subsidiary of the National Research Center ‘Zhukovsky Institute’) participates in the "Engineering class at Moscow school" project and organizes a cycle of educational activities for 9th-11th grade pupils of the School No. 1517, their parents and teachers. 

The goal of the large-scale "Engineering class at Moscow school" project is to help high-school pupils consciously decide on their future profession in the engineering and technical field. The project joins the efforts of Moscow schools that have engineering classes, resources of all network institutions of the Moscow Educational Department, centers of educational technological support, and the best specialists of universities and scientific institutions.

CIAM is an educational partner of the project. At the beginning of 2018, CIAM and the State-Financed Educational Institution School No. 1517 signed a cooperation agreement with development of the plan for academic meetings of high-school pupils with the Institute's researchers. 

At the lectures, CIAM’s scientists tell the students about different types of engines, modern methods for their design and testing. 

In the course of lectures, the following classes for pupils of the 10th grade have already been held: "Development of air-jet engines" (lecturer – I.S. Kizeev) and "High-speed air-jet engines" (lecturer – N.V. Kukshinov, Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences). 

At the first lecture the students learned about a jet engine, its types, differences between an ideal cycle of an air-jet engine and a real one, as well as their main parameters. And, of course, the students learned about the history and stages of the air-jet engine development and prospects for further development. I.S. Kizeev answered in details all the questions that arose at the meeting. 

The theme of the second lecture was high-speed air-jet engines. N.V. Kukshinov told the young people about the history of their development, principles of their operation and problems arising in the course of their development. He also presented modern projects that use these types of engines.

There are new interesting lectures to be organized in the future for students: "Internal combustion engines" (lecturer – V.P. Minin) for pupils of 9th grades, "Strength of aircraft engine parts" (lecturer – Yu.L. Lavrentyev) for pupils of 10th grades, etc.

In the future, it is planned to organize excursions to the laboratories of the Institute, andpupils of the State-Financed Educational Institution School No. 1517 are to conduct research projects led by CIAM’s scientists. 

The participation of CIAM in the project "Engineering class at Moscow school" helps pupils to gain new knowledge, to feel the pace of science and to choose their professional way. In regard to the Institute, the project is important not only as an opportunity to demonstrate the relevance and importance of scientific knowledge, but also as an involvement in the education of a new generation that can change the world for the better with the help of a scientific approach and universal engineering skills.