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CIAM is expanding its business relations with its Chinese partners

26 January 2017

CIAM is expanding its business relations with its Chinese partners

On January 17-18, 2017 the delegation of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P.I. Baranov, headed by the CEO Mikhail Gordin, during a business trip to Beijing, met with the representatives of the Aircraft Engines Academy of China (AEAC), the business activities of which include basic and applied research related to aircraft propulsion engineering of the PRC.
At this meeting, the parties discussed possible aspects of joint actions and signed a Memorandum on Cooperation. 


Mikhail Gordin, CEO of CIAM, and Lui Tin Y, President of AEAC
Moreover, the specialists of CIAM included in the delegation which comprised the representatives of the National Research Center Zhukovsky Institute, TsAGI and GosNIIAS, participated in the workshop organized under agreement between the National Research Center Zhukovsky Institute and the Chinese Aviation Academy (САЕ) on scientific and technological cooperation in aviation. Joint cooperation aspects of САЕ and institutes included in the National Research Center were discussed, and a protocol was signed, specifying the list of projects for preparation of a detailed technical assignment for of their implementation. 


Mikhail Gordin, CEO of CIAM, and Sun Sia Shen, Vice-President of CAE 

To sum up the results of the meeting with the Chinese partners, Mikhail Gordin noted that international partnership promotes the earliest introduction of innovations in such a high-tech industry as aircraft propulsion engineering. 

“For the realities of the modern world, international cooperation provides a more detailed and in-depth research of urgent industry issues, accelerates problem solving as related to innovative development. CIAM and AEAC have currently concentrated their rich resources for scientific and technological cooperation on a number of projects. I think, in the foreseeable future, under the signed Memorandum, our partnership will demonstrate the expected positive results,” he pointed out.