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International Cooperation

International cooperation is an important area of CIAM’s activities. Since the 1980s the Institute has been collaborating with leading aerospace research centers, foreign engine manufacturers, industrial enterprises, laboratories and universities, establishing strong long-term partnerships. During these years CIAM has partnered with over 50 foreign companies and research organizations.

CIAM provides the following services to its foreign clients:

• design of aero engine modules and systems;
• technical audit of aero engine modules and systems designs;
• research on environmental issues connected to the operation of flight vehicles;
• testing of aero engines and their modules;
• certification tests of aero engines;
• tests of aviation fuel and oil samples.

A specialist of the Institute is the official representative of the Russian Federation in the Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The Institute is actively involved in the preparation and work of congresses and conferences by presenting scientific reports of its scientists, participating in program committees and competitions of international scientific organizations and societies.

CIAM, supported by Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”, United Engine Corporation, Russian Academy of Sciences, Association of Aero Engines Manufacturers (ASSAD) and Association of Aircraft Manufacturers, regularly organizes international scientific, technical and business events aimed at exchange of experience in a wide range of aviation scientific problems. The most prominent events held within the last decade include “XXI Century Aircraft Engines” International Symposiums; ICAS 2014 International Congress; ICAM 2020 International Conference on Aviation Motors; Scientific and Technical Aero-Engine Manufacturing Congress within International Aero-Engine Manufacturing Forum (MFD); “World low and high speed balancing. Spin rig testing” Conference; NEPCAP International Symposium on Nonequilibrium Processes, Plasma, Combustion and Atmospheric phenomena; Russian-Chinese forum “Technologies of Aircraft Engines Development”; Russian Scientific and Technical Conferences of Young Scientists and Specialists.

CIAM regularly takes part in international aviation shows and exhibitions both in Russia – MAKS, HeliRussia, Hydroaviasalon, MFD to present modern high-tech products and new technical solutions in the field of aero engine development; and abroad.

In all areas of international activities, CIAM meets the challenges working in close cooperation with foreign partners. CIAM is always open to new proposals and collaborations.


+ 7 (495) 361 64 81, ibd@ciam.ru