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International Cooperation

International Cooperation

CIAM, using high scientific and technical potential of its scientists and specialists and the largest experimental base in Europe, successfully carries out international scientific and technical cooperation with foreign companies, universities and research centers. 

Cooperation based on bilateral scientific and technical relations

The Institute has established relations with research centers and institutes worldwide - ONERA (France), DLR (Germany), ESA, NRL (Netherlands) as well as leading aerospace and engine building companies in Europe and America - Safran Group, Airbus Group, Boeing, Avio Aero. Cooperation is being developed with research organizations from India - GTRE and DRDL, and Chinese companies that are members of AVIC, COMAC, AECC and Chinese universities.
Moreover, the Institute continues to cooperate with its traditional partners from the CIS countries.
Over the past 15 years, the Institute has carried out more than 350 contracts. On a contract basis, the Institute provides the following services to foreign customers:

  • design of aircraft engine units and systems;
  • technical audit of aircraft engine units and systems projects;
  • research of environmental problems connected to the operation of aviation equipment;
  • testing of aircraft engines and their components;
  • certification testing of aircraft engines;
  • design of test facilities and equipment;
  • research of aviation fuels and oils.

Participation of CIAM in international scientific cooperation - Framework programs of the European Union 

Since 1998, the Institute has been participating in research projects of the European Union Framework Programs related to the study of the environmental problems of aviation; reduction of time and cost of development, production and operation of aviation equipment; customer satisfaction and security; protection of the aircraft and its passengers; development of new ideas and technologies for future aviation. 

CIAM made a significant contribution as a partner in the projects of the 6th and 7th framework programs of the EU:

  • ESPOSA "Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft",
  • LEMCOTEC "Low Emissions Core Engine Technologies",
  • HISAC "Environmentally Friendly High-Speed Aircraft",
  • VITAL "Environmentally Friendly Aero-engine",
  • DREAM "Validation of Radical Engine Architecture Systems"
  •  ORINOCO "Cooperation with Russia in the field of advanced engine noise control systems based on plasma actuators" (project of a coordinated competition between Russia and the EU),
  • DisPURSAL "Distributed Propulsion and Ultra-high By-pass Rotor Study at Aircraft Level",
  • ICE-TRACK "Support of icing tests (runback-ice behaviour of surfaces) and icing mechanisms",
  • CESAR - "Cost Effective Small Aircraft";
  • X3- NOISE "Aircraft external noise research Network and co-ordination".

CIAM has cooperated with European partners on the 7th Framework Program and the "Horizon 2020" Framework Program of the European Union as a partner:

  • ENOVAL – "Engine Module Validators" (low pressure system of ultra-high bypass ratio propulsion systems),
  • COBRA – "Innovative Counter Rotating Fan System for High Bypass Ratio Aircraft Engine",
  • HEXAFLY-INТ – "High-Speed Experimental Fly Vehicles",
  • AGILE – "Aircraft 3rd Generation MDO for Innovative Collaboration of Heterogeneous Teams of Experts",
  • RUMBLE "Regulation and Norm for Low Supersonic Boom Levels"

These projects consider various aspects of advanced aircraft and engines development that meet the target indicators specified in the ACARE documents on aviation development – Vision 2020 and Flightpath 2050.

In addition, together with ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab, CIAM participates in the Russian-French cooperative project "Enhancement and Validation of Cycle Simulation Methods for Combustion Chambers of Future Gas Turbine Engines".

Conferences, exhibitions, air shows

CIAM scientists represent Russia in foreign scientific societies such as ISABE, ICAS, ASME, AIAA, SAE and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The Institute takes an active part in preparation and organization of congresses and conferences, presenting scientific reports of employees, participating in program committees and various competitions of international scientific organizations and societies.

The Institute organizes international conferences and seminars, among which is "Aircraft Engines of the 21st Century", a Scientific/Technical Congress on Engine Building within the framework of the International Engine Building Forum; the International Symposium on Nonequilibrium Processes, Plasma, Combustion and Atmospheric Phenomena (NEPCAP), scientific and technical Seminar on problems of working with modern composite materials, the Russian-Chinese conference on the innovative development of aircraft engines.

CIAM regularly participates in international air shows and exhibitions:

  • International Aerospace Show (MAKS) (Russia),
  • International Helicopter Exhibition HeliRussia (Russia),
  • International Naval Aircraft Show (Russia),
  • International Engine Building Forum (Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia),
  • Paris Air Show at Le Bourget (France),
  • Farnborough International Airshow (UK),
  • ILA Berlin Air Show (Germany),
  • Airshow China (Zhuhai, China),
  • Aviation Expo China (Beijing, China),
  • International Aerospace Show Aero India (Bangalore, India)
and others, during which CIAM promotes modern scientific products and high-tech solutions to topical problems in the field of engine building to foreign markets.