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 International Cooperation


Cooperation Based on Bilateral Research and Technical Relations

The Institute has established long-term relationships with global research centers and institutes, such as DLR (Germany), ONERA (France), NRL (the Netherlands), the European Space Agency (ESA), as well as with leading European and American aerospace and engine manufacturers: Airbus Group, Safran Group, Dassault Aviation, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney Canada, MDS Aero, Avio Aero, MTU Aero, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, Shell etc.

CIAM also extends its collaboration with Asian research organizations: GTRE and DRDL (India); enterprises belonging to the AECC (Aeronautical Engine Corporation of China), etc. The Institute also continues cooperating with its traditional partners from the CIS countries.

For the last 15 years, the Institute concluded over 350 contracts.

On a contractual basis, the Institute provides foreign customers with the following services:

- Calculation and experimental studies of engine components and engines in general;

- Studies of relevant environmental and noise problems;

- Design and development studies of engines and engine components;

- Design and development studies of test rigs and rig components;

- Certification testing;

- Fuel and oil analysis.

The Institute participates in the international program for the harmonization of aircraft design and manufacture standards. 

CIAM's Participation in International Research Cooperation – European Framework Programs

Since 2005, our Institute participates in research projects according to European framework programs relating to aircraft environmental impact studies; studies for reducing the time and costs of aircraft development, manufacture, and operation; meeting customers' demand and ensuring customers' safety; providing aircraft and passenger protection; developing new ideas and technologies for the future air transport.
As a partner, CIAM has made a significant contribution to projects of the European 6th and 7th Framework Programs:
HISAC – "Environmentally Friendly High-Speed Aircraft";
CESAR – "Cost-Effective Small Aircraft";
VITAL – "Environmentally Friendly Aero-Engine";
DREAM – "Validation of Radical Engine Architecture Systems";
ORINOCO – "Cooperation with Russia in the Field of Advanced Engine Noise Control Based on Plasma Actuators" – a project of the coordinated Russia/EU contest;
ICE-TRACK ­– "Support of Icing Tests (Runback-Ice Behaviour of Surfaces) and Icing Mechanisms" – a project of the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative;
DisPURSAL – "Distributed Propulsion and Ultra-high Bypass Rotor Study at Aircraft Level";
X3-NOISE ­– "Aircraft External Noise Research Network and Coordination".
The CIAM continues intensive cooperation with its European partners within the framework of international projects of the 7th and 8th Framework Programs of the European Union, as a partner in the following integrated projects:
LEMCOTEC ­– "Low Emissions Core Engine Technologies";
ESPOSA – "Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft";
ENOVAL – "Engine Module Validators" (low pressure system of ultra-high bypass ratio propulsion systems);
and in the following cooperation projects:
COBRA – "Innovative Counter Rotating Fan System for High Bypass Ratio Aircraft Engine";
HEXAFLY-INТ – "High-Speed Experimental Fly Vehicles";
AGILE – "Aircraft 3rd Generation MDO for Innovative Collaboration of Heterogeneous Teams of Experts".
These projects deal with various aspects of development of components of future engines that would meet the target indicators established by the European programs Vision 2020 and FlightPath 2050.
CIAM takes part in the international сollaborative project "Enhancement and Validation of Cycle Simulation Methods for Combustion Chambers of Future Gas Turbine Engines". The project has been implemented by the CIAM with support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation together with the French Aerospace Lab (ONERA).
The Institute also took part in Russian/German cooperation projects with the Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Alliance (ВВАА, Germany).

Conferences, Exhibitions, Airshows

CIAM's researchers represent Russia in the foreign research societies ISABE, ICAS, ASME, AIAA, SAE, as well as in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
The Institute organizes international conferences and seminars, among which is "The Aircraft Engines of the 21st century", a scientific/technical congress on engine building within the framework of the International Engine Building Forum; the International Symposium on Nonequilibrium Processes, Plasma, Combustion and Atmospheric Phenomena (NEPCAP), seminars on seeking innovative solutions to reduce pollutant, soot, and aerosol emissions; alternative fuels and combustion process control; aircraft engine problems; etc.
CIAM regularly participates in international air shows and exhibitions:
International Aerospace Show (MAKS) (Russia),
International Helicopter Exhibition HeliRussia (Russia),
International Naval Aircraft Show (Russia),
International Engine Building Forum (Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia),
Paris Air Show at Le Bourget (France),
Farnborough International Airshow (UK),
ILA Berlin Air Show (Germany),
Airshow China (Zhuhai, China),
Aviation Expo China (Beijing, China),
International Aerospace Show Aero India (Bangalore, India)