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CIAM held initial test of high temperature superconducting electric engine

17 January 2019
On 26th of December 2018, the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM, a subsidiary of the National Research Senter ‘Zhukovsky Institute’) together with SuperOx held the first successful test of a high temperature superconducting electric engine with a power output of 500 kW.
The electric engine was developed by SuperOx with the support of the Advanced Research Foundation.
This was the first time in Russia that an engine of this class was tested. The preparatory work had taken about three months with many CIAM’s departments involved.
To conduct testing, the necessary equipment had been manufactured and the bench had been refined in accordance with the electric engine’s technical features.
In the course of the test, the engine performance was validated.
The results will be used to develop a further test programme.
Testing will continue in 2019.
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