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Scientific and Technical Council for computational and experimental research of COBRA2 counter-rotating fan was held in CIAM

26 November 2018
On November 14, 2018, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council (STC) was held in the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM, a subsidiary of the National Research Center ‘Zhukovsky Institute’), dedicated to the development of an experimental counter-rotating fan as part of the international COBRA project.

The work on the project that commenced in 2012 has now reached its final stage. Two technology demonstrators developed using different concepts were presented to the public.

Head of CIAM division Viktor Mileshin reminded about the contribution made to the project, which was coordinated by CIAM on Russia’s part, by international participants (Safran Aero Engines, ONERA, DLR, COMOTI). He told that the main result of the work conducted has been the achievement of high efficiency, which, in fact, proves the project level, and pointed out the European Commission’s focused attention to the project.

CIAM researchers delivered summary reports.

Vladimir Korzhnev spoke on aerodynamic tests and their results, which reveal insights into characteristic features of the COBRA2 counter-rotating fan.

Alexander Stepanov presented results of the vibration measurements of the COBRA2 fan model blades and compared the processed results with those for the COBRA1 counter-rotating fan.

Yaroslav Druzhinin spoke about the computational part of the research, comparing CIAM’s results with the data obtained by DLR and experimental results. He pointed out that the CIAM results conform to the project parameters.

Anton Rossikhin presented the results of research of transient effects in the fan and tonal noise. Good agreement between the computed acoustic performance and experimental data was demonstrated.

Yuri Khaletski spoke on experimental determination of the COBRA2 counter-rotating fan acoustic performance and its comparison with that for the COBRA1 fan.

Deputy Head of TsAGI department Nikolay Ostrikov and Head of CIAM Department Sergey Pankov spoke as the opponents.
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