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National Experimental Base

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A CIAM branch, the test base, was established in Turayevo near Moscow in 1953. The base has now become Europe's largest experimental facility for aircraft engine testing, CIAM's Research Test Center (RTC). As of 2017, the RTC has eight rigs for full-scale engine testing. 50 rigs and plants are available for testing of engine systems and components; over 100 rigs and plants are available for strength testing.

Any idea of researchers can be verified in the Central Institute of Aviation Motors, both at experimental plants enabling precise physical experiments and powerful rigs for full-scale aircraft engine testing in actual operating conditions.

CIAM's experimental base has unique capabilities for reproducing flight conditions. The base has constantly been improved. Rigs of the facility can be used for all types of testing of full-scale engines, their systems and components. The CIAM Research and Test Center is the only facility in Russia where the most complex and power-consuming types of mandatory aircraft engine tests reproducing full-scale operating conditions (altitude, speed, temperature, humidity, etc.) can be conducted.